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10 best and cool websites you missed to visit on web!

Hey, guys! I’m back after a long time. I have been stuck in my semester studies which was why I couldn’t post. As it’s been a long time I haven’t written any post, I decided to start again with some cool stuff. Today I’m gonna share a list of best and cool websites that you probably haven’t visited yet Download stickies.

Hopefully, you will be amazed when you visit them. They don’t have much-specified services but entertainment for your refreshment. So here we are with some best and cool websites!


1: Peter Answers: Virtual Tarot

Peter answer is an amazing website where you can fool your friends by making them feel insecure about their secrets being displayed over the internet using a trick. Basically it has a trick that you must know first.

It is one of my favorite website.

How does Peter Answer Works?

In the petition section do not type ” Peter, Please Answer the following question:”,instead press the period button and write down the real answer that you are going to question in the below question field Download the garden of the language. Visibly ” Peter, Please Answer the following question:” will be written but on the backhand, you’ll have the answer hidden. Once you are done writing the real answer again press the period button to finish. Then type the question related to your answer in the question box and enter, it will give you the hidden answer you typed in the petition.

Here is an example:

peter answers

Screenshot From Peter Answers


2: Clever Bot

It is one of my favorites as well. You will die of laughter when you use it. It uses artificial intelligence algorithms to have a conversation with a human. It was created by British AI scientist Rollo Carpenter 영화 그린북. This is one of the cool websites which million of people doesn’t know.

This bot will chat with you as long as you want. Just try it you will be amazed!

cool websites

My Chat wit Clever Bot


3: The Useless web

The useless web is a website which leads you to any useless or funny website to kill your free time. Just click on the PLEASE button.

the useless web

Screenshot of useless web

When I used Download Nest Ringtones! It took me to a site which I found very funny: TRY


4: Hacker Typer

This site is for those related to CS field and loves to code. This site print code on the screen while you are typing anything on the keyboard. You can impress your friends by showing your coding speed to them.

hacker typer

Code Written by Me


5: Free Rice

This is a website where you give answers to questions and each correct answer is converted to 10 grains of rice which is donated to charity 윈도우 xp 무비 메이커. This website is under authority of the world food program. So give answers to the simple question and remove hunger from the world!

free rice

Free Rice


6: Press The Space Bar

It is a game in which you will press the space bar and website will count it relative to time. No one knows how much fast he can do it. Try and test by your self in free time.

space bar game

My Score


7: Weavesilk

It is one of the best and cool websites. It allows you to creates different shapes(which are amazing) by just moving your mouse cursor really a great site.


Weavesilk Drawing


8: Pointer Pointer

Just move mouse pointer anywhere on the screen and it will detect the position of the pointer and a picture will appear with a person pointing at the pointer Son Oh-sun batter. Just move the cursor and watch the magic.

pointer pointer

Loading image


9: The Faces of Facebook

Love to meet new people but tired of searching, then this site is for you. Just one the link and this site will show you More than 1.2 Billion Facebook users profile pictures. Just click anywhere and it will zoom out.

faces of facebook

Tiny Faces


10: The Last Page on the Internet

This site says:

Attention!! You have reached the very last page of the Internet. We hope you have enjoyed your browsing.
Now turn off your computer and go outside.



So these were some best and cool websites on the internet that you must visit 7080 songs free. Hope you would like them. These were the best I have some more. Check out the below list:

I hope you will like them. Do share your experience and funny moments with us while surfing these site. Just do us a favor share this post with you friends and other using the social widget below.

Frequently Asked questions.

Q1: What are the best websites on the Internet?

Ans: Here is the list.

  • Learning 초면에 사랑합니다. YouTube. …
  • Local. Google Maps. …
  • Movies. Netflix. …
  • News. The Conversation. …
  • Online Privacy. Tor. …
  • Productivity. Gmail. …
  • Shopping. Amazon. Everybody knows Amazon: If you want it, they’ve got it, and can get it to you for a very reasonable price, and quickly. …
  • Social 소드마스터로 회귀. Facebook. We all know about Facebook.

Q2: How do you kill time on the Internet?

Ans: Here are some ways.

  1. Sporcle. Sporcle has thousands of quizzes that have been played billions of times. …
  2. The Wayback Machine. It’s a huge archive of websites throughout history. …
  3. The Office Stare Machine. …
  4. 15Facts 포켓몬스터 3세대. …
  5. Geoguesser. …
  6. Reddit. …
  7. Find The Invisible Cow. …
  8. OctoQuiz.

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