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How to Convert MP3 to Text

Years ago, creating an MP3 file wasn’t hard but trying to convert it to text was a real pain in the neck. Fortunately, with the recent advancement of speech recognition, new audio to text converters have popped up. So, it’s now fast, accessible, and usually free to change your audio files to text. You can do this in three different ways: online, software, and Chrome extension.



MP3 to Text Converter Online

Here are some super quick and free mp3 to text converters available online Download the github source.

1. Bear File Converter

bear file converter







Before you begin with Bear File, make sure that your audio file has minimal noise for the best results. Asides from MP3, Bear File also works on WMA, Ogg, and Wav to produce a text file.

After trying out this online converter, I liked it because it’s free and easy to use Download the modern family season 1 script. You only need to upload your file and click “convert.”

This isn’t the best solution for big files, though. Bear Converter doesn’t support file uploads that are bigger than 3 MB. Additionally, the maximum time it can record online is 3-minutes. I also noticed that it takes a bit longer than the other methods to complete the conversion.

2. 360Converter


360converter not only can work on audio but it works on videos as well 아이폰 구버전 앱. You can upload the file from your desktop, cloud, or URL. Another interesting feature is that it also converts Chinese, Hindi, and French. These transcribed files are available as a PDF or Word file.


MP3 to Text Software

Downloadable mp3 to text software usually provides more options and flexibility than their online counterparts. Here are some I like:

1. Inqscribe


Inqscribe is a free MP3 to text converter software that gives you great results regardless of your audio file’s quality gdi32.dll. Aside from that, it’s also recognized as one of the best programs where you can execute lengthy video editing, including movies.

A shortlist of features includes word count, font system, and even text display options. Additionally, you can also decide to work with different frame rates depending on your audio input. This is for people who want to get really nitty-gritty with accurately displaying transcripts.

To get started, open the software and a new document window will appear with no title. After that, select a media source in the upper-left then press OK Why i became a singer and downloaded it. Set up the fonts for the language you want to transcribe then save.

I liked Inqscribe overall because it’s user-friendly, flexible, and doesn’t have complicated customizations and configuration. Unfortunately it’s not free, but it has a 14-dayfree trial.

Another drawback is that you can’t record directly in the software. However, you can still use the tool in conjunction with other speech-to text-software to create a transcript automatically.

Dragon Naturally Speaking is one of the most popular speech recognition tools that work seamlessly with Inscribe Download The Walking Dead.

All in all, if you’re searching for a more advanced free downloadable MP3 to text, then Inscribe may turn out to be the best.


3. Hyper Transcribe


Hyper transcribe is another sophisticated MP3 to text free download application. Asides from audio, it’s also efficient in transcribing videos.

Unlike any other software that is meant for professionals, this tool doesn’t require foot pedals or any other equipment Riact native. Instead, it features simple keyboard shortcuts that make the conversion as smooth as possible.

Moreover, all tasks are executed in one transcription window. As a result, you don’t have to switch from a play window to a text window, and vice versa.

The software supports media files, which include MPEG, MP3, AVI, and AIFF.

Despite all the above advantages, Hyper transcribe has got its negative side too. The reason why I wouldn’t say I liked it is that you need to install additional programs such as Apple’s QuickTime to start working Download the yum dependency package.

Mp3 to Text App Chrome Extension

1. Transcribe 

Transcribe can convert your speeches, lectures, audio notes, podcasts… basically any recorded files to text. It can even convert French, Hindi, Spanish, and most Asian and European languages.

After trying this extension, I loved it; it’s easy to install and use. You only have to sign up for a free account to get it to start working. After that, using it is super simple. There are three ways to use this:

a) Convert Audio to Text through Automatic Transcription

Transcribe Software converts clear audio (with minimal background noise) to text in ten minutes Download the intern integrated subtitles. You only have to upload your MP3 file and then wait for the text output.

b) Speech to text conversion to text through fast and accurate dictation


If you would like better control and accuracy, you can also choose to speak with your audio file. Put your headphones on, upload your audio, slow it down then speak what you can hear. The dictate engine will then start converting your speech to text immediately.

c) Fast transcription using highly integrated player and editor


If the only option you have is to transcribe manually, you can still achieve your goal using Transcribe’s workflow tools 윈도우 10 레드스톤 4. The software gives you options such as slowing down the audio, auto-looping it and use of built-in text expander among others.

Compared to the traditional media player and words processor, this method is still faster.

As you can see, you don’t have to sweat, trying to write everything that a particular speaker or teacher is saying. With the above desktop, online, and chrome extensions, you only have to record everything then transcribe it into text later on.





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