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Welcome to Infoocode – A platform where we share blogging stuff, SEO, Web development and other trending stuff in market.

We’ve started Infoocode because of my passion for blogging as blogging is all about helping others. The journey at starting was very difficult but with time It became easier.

About Me – Nauman Rehmat

Nauman Rehmat Infoocode

I’m the mind behind Infoocode.

I may use big words at times, but I’m a really simple guy who loves to simplify complex stuff.

I completed my Collage from Army public Collage Nowshera cantt in 2014. After collage i decided to get into the IT industry and i took admission in Comsats Institute Of Information Technology Abbottabad. Now I have completed half of my degree and moving forward.

When I was in 2nd semester  i heard of blogging for the first time from some of my friends discussing that we can create a blog and earn money from blogging. But when I asked them to teach me everyone just fooled me and said it can’t be taught and it’s very difficult blah blah!. At that time I decided to show them that I can do it  myself, and then I started learning from Google,Youtube and finally i’m here. Now I try to learn more and more because learning process never ends.

First I  created a blog on blog-spot platform which was free of cost and I trained my self and them I moved towards WordPress. And finally created a complete WordPress blog along with its complete customization and SEO.

I have my blog Facebook page you can follow it and get instant amazing stuff.

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