Bypass OTP Verification on Any Website/App

How many of us would like to disclose our phone number to a stranger? No one right?

This is the problem which we sometimes find ourselves in when we visit a website or opens an app and it asks for OTP verification.

OTP verification is a process in which a numeric code is sent to the contact number we enter and the code is then used to open the security lock on that website or app.

It is just a security detail, but nonetheless, since it requires us to enter our contact number, many people frown upon this practice.

Since the website or app can’t be used/seen without first verifying with the OTP hence occurs a dilemma of what to do.


Not anymore. Today we are gonna talk you through the process of bypassing the OTP verification step for any website or app you want to use.

What is OTP?

A One-Time Password (OTP) is a password that is valid for only one login session or transaction, on a computer system or other digital device.

In layman terms, it is a password which can only be used once.

Like we discussed earlier, OTP is sent to the contact number or e-mail that we enter on the website or app.

There are several advantages to OTP as opposed to traditional passwords like:

  • In contrast to static passwords, they are not vulnerable to Replay Attacks. This means that a hacker who manages to record an OTP that was already used will not be able to abuse it since it will no longer be valid.
  • A second major advantage is that a user who uses the same (or similar) password for multiple systems, is not made vulnerable on all of them if the password for one of these is gained by an attacker.

What do we mean by ‘bypassing’ OTP verification?

It is not actually possible to entirely ‘bypass’, or skip, the OTP verification step for any website or app.

What we mean by ‘bypassing’ is erasing the need to disclose your personal information to a potentially malicious website which is of course managed by a complete stranger.

Your contact number or e-mail is a delicate detail which endangers your privacy and can be used in a number of ways against you.

Thus, you should not really allow skeptical websites to gain hold of such precious information.

OTP doesn’t sound too bad, why should I care?

The truth is that almost all of the major websites or applications which requires you to create a log-in ID on it will also require you to go through OTP verification at least once.

While OTP is just a measure of protection to identify bots and hackers since it requires your contact details it becomes a potential method to harm your privacy.

Just imagine if a hacker hacks the database of such websites?

Here is a list of reasons for why you should think twice before going through with OTP:

  • Your privacy details are compromised and could be shared for profit.
  • Your contact details can easily be hacked from databases of such websites.
  • You may start receiving advertisement or promotional messages from such websites.

I guess it has been established enough that going through with OTP verification can be potentially harmful to users.

How to bypass OTP verification

Like we said earlier, it is not possible to entirely skip the verification process, however, it is possible to complete the verification without disclosing your personal information.

There are a lot of websites online which provides disposable or fake phone number solely for the need of OTP verifications. You can enter one such phone number and the OTP will be sent to it. You can then check the messages on this number on the same website to know the OTP.

Here’s a list of some of the trusted websites to get disposable phone numbers:

  • receivesmsonline.net
  • recievefreesms.net
  • receivesmsonline.in
  • hs3x.com
  • receive-a-sms.com
  • receive-sms-online.info

Free Temporary/Throwaway Phone Number Generators

Here is a step-by-step demonstration:

Step 1: Open any of the websites mentioned above and choose a number of your liking.

Generally, there are no issues in using a phone number from a different country in case you can’t find one from your own country.

Just copy the complete number: +(country code)[phone number]

And paste it into the OTP verification tab.

Step 2: Click on “Send OTP” or “Verify” on the website or app you want to use.

Go back to the website where you found the phone number. There should be an option to check the messages sent on this number like “Read SMS” or “Messages”.

Step 3: Use the OTP sent on this number to verify.

Note: There are a lot of Android apps too which provides you disposable phone numbers though we do not recommend using such apps. Majority of such apps are found to be Adware and Browser Hijackers.

Final Words

There we go, now there should no dilemma left in your mind.

For websites and applications such as WhatsApp, Instagram etc. where your phone number is used constantly and not just for the OTP, we recommend using your real phone numbers.

Apart from that, you should never enter your private information in websites which seems even a little bit suspicious.

We hope it helped!

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