Can Modern Vcard Replace The Traditional Business Cards?

Do you know why companies, organizations, or business ventures create business cards/VCards?

The answer is simple.

They want to convey their images, products/services, and information to people who have the potentials of turning into real buyers/customers Download the iPhone mp4.

Over the years, companies have been reaping significant profits from designing unique business cards that sell their services and spread their contact information to the right customers.

Undoubtedly, there are striking advantages of the traditional business cards that cannot be overcome by modern VCards.

This article will help you to clear the clutter to precisely understand the usefulness of traditional business cards and the primary shortcomings of modern VCards 퍼니셔.


Traditional Business Cards

A business card is a small card that has printed information on it. Most business cards are printed with the following information: The name of person/company/business, the address of the business, the location of the business, the contact information of the company, and the website of the company among other details. The objective of designing business cards has always been to ensure that they send the right message about a company at all times.

Advantages of Business Cards

  1. Business Cards Are Cheaper Than VCards

Most small businesses are usually confronted by significant financial constraints when they start growing Not icy. Even more, these types of business ventures always strive to save every single dime and reinvest it back into the cash flow of the company. It is at this time that using business cards instead of VCards becomes a critically economic decision. In contrast, VCards are more expensive to design and update than business cards.

  1. Business Cards Are Convenient For Most People

In terms of convenience and flexibility, business cards beat VCards ten nil Mamme Plus. It is easy to give out business cards to people than VCards because they are small in size. Due to this advantage, business cards can be stored in wallets and purses easily for future use. However, VCards are not equally convenient because they can only be used by the tech people, and their flexibilities are limited.

  1. The Versatility of Business Cards

Despite their small sizes, business cards convey a lot of essential business information Download Ninews. Furthermore, they can be customized to advertise new business offers, coupons, and deals. As a result, the cards will increase the profit margins of your business and sell the name of your company to a significant number of customers.

  1. Business Cards Are Hardworking Marketing Agents

In comparison with radio adverts that last for seconds or a few minutes, traditional business cards stay with the customers for an indefinite period lg smart recovery. For example, a business card that was issued to a client long ago might remain in the client’s wallet for an extended period before becoming useful. Arguably, it is accurate to say that the cards are like marketing agents that are always on the move to sell your company’s name to more and more people 조이스틱.

  1. They Give You a Strong Professionalism Image

Besides telling potential clients about your business, a well-designed business card sets you apart from your competitors.


VCards are electronic cards that are designed to exchange contact information over the internet.

Shortcomings of VCards

The cards have the following drawbacks:

  1. VCards can only be used by people who are technology versed Download Red Hat 7.3.
  2. The cards are expensive to design and update for small businesses that are starting up.
  3. Also, there are few computer programs and email readers that can effectively extract all contact information from VCards.
  4. Exporting a VCard containing a significant number of contacts from one mail recipient to another is a hectic and labor-demanding task.
  5. A virus can corrupt VCard files while exporting/importing, rendering them ineffective fmod 다운로드.


Given these points, it is apparent that business cards have critical advantages that keep them strides ahead of VCards. Besides affordability, the versatility of business cards, their convenience, and simplicity are upsides that VCards will struggle for long to overturn 창모 앨범. You can never go wrong by designing business cards for your company.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Are business cards still relevant in 2019?

Ans: Yes, business cards are still relevant in 2019. It may not be the fastest method to exchange and deliver your information. But it carries a professional touch. A business card can give you a look at a professional venue.

Q2: What do I do with my old business cards?

Ans: You can turn your old business cards into an art project. You can take paint color and put it on the cards and then you can make flowers or anything usual. It can be a time pass hobby for you.

Q3: Are business cards obsolete?

Ans: Yes, business cards are becoming obsolete.


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