How To Fix Couldn’t Refresh Feed Instagram Error

Instagram is one of the first things that comes to our minds when someone talks about sharing pictures on social media. It is a great image sharing platform provided by Facebook, and in most of the cases, it works perfectly without any issue. But sometimes, you may face “Could Not Refresh Feed” error message on Instagram 판매박사. If you try to reload or refresh your Feed you still only see a message saying”Couldn’t Refresh Feed”. It is a really frustrating error, but I have come up with a wonderful and simple solution to your problem and I am pretty much sure that after reading this guide you won’t face this issue again.

There are many solutions to solve this problem and get rid of this. This error occurs a lot when you have updated your iOS to newly released versions like 11.1 or even iOS 11 보스매크로 다운로드. Due to the server difficulty, you will not be able to refresh Instagram’s Feed. I have seen a lot of people looking for a solution to this problem. But, unfortunately, there was not a satisfactory solution to their problem. That is why I decided to make a simple and step by step guide for people facing this issue 맥켄나의 황금 다운로드.

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Fix Couldn’t Refresh Feed, Instagram Error

The first thing to do is to is to login with your details and check whether the problem exists or not. If You are facing this fatal issue, then you should reinstall the Instagram app and check whether it is fixed or not.
If you still face Couldn’t Refresh Feed error, You have to restart your phone and check again 한국인의 밥상.

couldt-refresh-the feed

This error normally appears when you open the app. Instagram tries to refresh the most recent Photos and Videos for you but this error appears. As I said earlier, you should log in again and see whether you can use the app without Couldn’t refresh error on your screen spiceworks 다운로드.

 Do these Five things to Resolve this Issue:-

Solution 1. Network Connectivity


You should check your network connectivity. If you are using a Data connection on your phone then make sure that it is working properly. If you are using, then check your Wifi connection, sometimes weak signals might cause this issue 가상 키보드 다운로드. If the error is appearing due to the networking problem, then it will be resolved after making sure that your Data connection or Wifi is working properly.

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Solution 2 adb fastboot 다운로드. Restart Your Phone

All you have to do is to Restart your Phone and check again if it is working or not.

Reboot your iPhone and open the app again. Try to reload the app and see if this is working or not.

Solution 3. Instagram App Update Or Reinstall the App

Instagrams update

Sometimes this error is shown because of an old version of Instagram, Go to App store and check for the update Download TianguanUng. If there is any new update for Instagram, Install it. Outdated version of Instagram may have bugs, that’s why you face this error. If you have already updated your Instagram and still the error is shown, Reinstall your Instagram App.

Solution 4. Logout Of Instagram on a Browser

Step 1:

Log in to your Instagram account from browser > log out 드라이버 클리너.

Logout instagram

Step 2:

Launch the app and log in again.

Solution 5: Clear Cache And Data

Go to Settings > Applications > Instagram > clear the app cache and then see that if you see “Couldn’t Refresh Feed” error again or not Free download of Internet Explorer 8.


I hope these simple solutions will help you out, If you have any problem regarding this Couldn’t Refresh Feed” error, comment below and I will try to resolve it for you.

Frequently Asked questions

Q1: Why does Instagram keep saying can’t refresh feed?

Ans: The most probable reason is network connectivity. If you are using a slower internet connection, then Instagram might not work properly. You should try a different internet connection at a faster speed.

Q2: What do you do when your Instagram won’t load?

Ans: The best advice is to uninstall Instagram on your device and reinstall it. The new setup will have the necessary updates. And your problem will be solved.

Q3: Can I use multiple accounts on a single Instagram app?

Ans: No, you cannot use multiple accounts on a single Instagram app.



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