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21 Best GEDCOM File Viewer for Windows & Mac

You can take a great help from using Best GEDCOM File Viewer for Windows & Mac – Top 10 to get all the information about your family’s past history and learn how to use them in the most simple way. Are you not able to open any GED file? Then it is time you should use Best GEDCOM File Viewer Software for Windows & Mac without any cost. They are great for a beginner and a professional. Here you will get all the latest info and guide related to them. This post will help you provide accurate info and solution to your queries.


GEDCOM File Viewer for Windows & Mac

There are many reasons that doing a genealogy research can help you learn so much about your family’s past history and events. If you are a person who happens to approach this in order to tell your family a story then you should use GEDCOM file viewer free download that can help you decipher all those data accurately and you can convert them into any format you want easily. This is something that all of us who have taken a great interest in the heritage of our ancestors will certainly help you how you end up being so much like them vm 웨어 다운로드.

People have different opinions about where we came from how out family end up being so much popular, but using these GEDCOM files you will be able to understand the interface is so much easy and also you can get data management perfectly to collect and show to your current family members. Not every person is in this type of thing and believes it will waste time but in the end, you will appreciate all the data you have collected.

best gedcom

All this genealogical info about certain people and their lineage are recorded in form of a text to analyze it using the software. You can also call it (GEDCOM) genealogical data communication. Through these files which are based on text format, cannot be viewed as a regular text for any viewer. You will need to use GEDCOM file viewer free download as an extension to view them. All of these files contain your family information in form of various trees when you click on one person’s name his entire family history is displayed in a tree.

You will see that using GEDCOM file viewer online it will let you know and view the family history quite easily. So, if you are a person who has a great interest in learning your family heritage then use these different file viewers on any device you want 심플 이력서 양식.

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  • What results you can expect from using GEDCOM file viewer online software?

Before you go and try using these best genealogy software, it really doesn’t matter whether they are free of paid you need to see how much each program will help you find the sources you need and implement it as it demands. So you will be able to unlock all the data from your elders quickly without any interruptions. Here are the things you can expect such as,

  • Build a perfect family tree
  • Add media
  • You can add your DNA results
  • Produce charts
  • Map your ancestors
  • Produce reports
  • Create books, websites, and Disks
  • Get further building tree tips
  • Import and export of your family’s past history
  • Get support to learn the basics of each software

Which is the Best GEDCOM File Viewer for Windows & Mac you can choose?

You can’t simply learn or read these GEDCOM files because they require special kind of software and that is exactly you will get. Whether you are using a Windows operating system or a Mac book you will get a different software to use for different devices. Let’s begin.

Top 5 GEDCOM File Viewer for MAC

1. PHP-GED-view

You will be surprised to see that using PHP-GED-view file viewer is a revolutionary program that allows you to edit and view genealogy on its website Africa private. It offers you two options to work with its full functions. You can import any file of GEDCOM and click to support with any multimedia to give you a background of your family’s history in the easiest way.

2. GENEO-Tree

Geneo-Tree is a dynamic genealogy file viewer that offers you complete support using its main features and you no longer have to think about doing any extra work, it is one of the simplest GEDCOM file viewer Mac you can find that will give you cartography, dynamic trees, stats, various PDF files and some special type of consanguinity list. The best thing about it you can manage and optimize the files as you want.

3. Excel 2 GED

Using Excel 2 GED file viewer you can get an excel genealogy spreadsheet that will help you convert the data of GEDCOM into any format you want. It is unlike any other you have used, it uses a special code and will help to convert all the family relations with a push of one button also it protects your password as well.


Ancestris is a genealogy program which is written in Javascript and it only works in Mac or Linux 아랄트랜스 0.2. It can work as standard software that will allow you to check all the relatable files you want to exchange and share them without losing a single data. You can also convert it into any file format you want.

5. Arbol-3D

Arbol-3d is a simple looking genealogy program that you can use for GEDCOM file converter you can edit the info, death, marriage, sex, and many more things. That individual who wants to remove the data they can store it as a text file in its database.

6. GENE-web

If you are using a Mac book then you can use this open source genealogy software that lets you analyze all kinds of GEDCOM files. It can help you create the statistics of the previous human births and deaths with much interesting information and also export data to GW format as well Stan By Me.

 7. Genealogy-J

Genealogy-J is quite simple and easy GEDCOM file viewer MAC you can go for. It will help you choose and give you accurate search on genealogy. This one is based on Java virtual machines and must need to be installed into your Mac to run it.

8. Uncle-GED

Uncle-GED can help you view the GEDCOM files by converting them into pages of HTML whenever you like. You can directly open it in Mac and view the past history of your elders and family knowledge as well.

9. Arbor Vita

One of the biggest advantages you will get from using this GEDCOM software is that you can convert GEDCOM to PDF and display them in pages. You can also link them all together with standard features or page. You can easily print the pages, save or share them directly using the browser in Mac. In this way, you will be able to learn the past history and family track of your ancestors.

10. Roots Magic 7

One of the most amazing and most used GEDCOM software you can use is roots magic 7 that gives you all the information about your family heritage and you can also use GEDCOM file to excel to change it 파라오 게임. It is lightweight and great for working with Mac books or tablets. All you need is to download and install it.

Top 5 GEDCOM File Viewer for Windows

1. Legacy 9

Legacy 9 is one of those famous genealogy file viewers you can sue for family search and ancestry to give you further help and you can easily convert the tree. You can use it for only the computer operating system.

2. Family historian 6

 It is one of those amazing programs by far you can use which has a simple interface and you don’t need to get things too complicated. You will get twice chart options to make your own family tree and you can also convert GEDCOM to PDF with fewer charts and you can learn all legacies of your ancestors in a perfect way.

3. Legacy family tree

Legacy family tree has emerged as a perfect example for research and tests as one of the best family software with excellent data management tools Download korail. The interface looks cool and effective. Most importantly you will get 100% accurate GEDCOM test reports without costing you anything. It will give you a value of your time and efforts in so many ways.

4. Heredis 2018

HEREDIS is impressive to provide you accuracy in research and manage to give you various GEDCOM files. The software charts are unmatched and you can expect style, variety, and quality at its peak. It is the only file viewer that you can use as GEDCOM viewer windows 10 and easily print out the family trees, reports and books in any file you want.

5. Roots Magic 7

You can make easy connections to your family’s past, and print them out in different reports. This one is an ideal choice to help you out converting any file you want with small sizes, and a wide range of reports more than one database. It is an ideal option you can choose.

6. GEDCOM Viewer

GEDCOM viewer is one of the simple and easy file viewers you can go for. It contains the graphical user interface that enables you to use the software with ease 대성스카이프. It is free and you can access all the features of it without any cost. You can open the GED file and read the content along with images as well. It is great for using on windows.

7. GED-view

For those of you who don’t know that GED-view is an open source and lightweight software that will give you access to all of its features and perfect for using GEDCOM viewer windows 10, you can simply download the software and quickly view the content with an interpretable icon displayed. This software will not work to view any other file format and you can’t write the data on disk.

8. Simple Family Tree

One of the best GEDCOM software available is a simple family tree which enables you to create a new family tree and read the files in most easy GEDCOM format. You can add different descriptions based on your family with names, birth dates, marriages and many more. Its interface is comfortable and clean.

9. Notepad++

If you are eager to know about how do I open a GEDCOM file on my computer, then you can consider using notepad++ which is highly recommended to view any text tile Download the Insta live broadcast. It is being used all over the world and does provide a high-quality user interface. You have to add a plug of GEDCOM to help identify the text/

10. Gen-viewer-Lite

There is no denying that Gen-viewer-Lite is one of the Best GEDCOM File Viewer Software for Windows that lets you read the GEDCOM files. It has sufficient primary concern to view not create. It is a lightweight program with small hard drive space.

These are the Best GEDCOM File Viewer Software for Windows & Mac you can use to get all the past information about your family. Whether you are a beginner or professional genealogist all your efforts will pay off greatly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the best family tree software for Mac?

Ans: Here is the list.

  • RootsMagic. RootsMagic has been in the family tree business for years and although started life on Windows, can now be used on Mac too 친절한 금자씨. …
  • Family Tree Maker. …
  • MacFamilyTree. …
  • Heredis. …
  • GEDitCOM II. …
  • iFamily For Mac. …
  • Gramps. …
  • Reunion for Mac.

Q2: How do I print my entire family tree from ancestry com?

Ans: Do the following.

  1. From any page on Ancestry, click the Trees tab and select a tree.
  2. On the left side of your tree, click either Pedigree or Family view. …
  3. Go to the part of your tree you want to print. …
  4. In the top-right corner, click Print.
  5. In the top-left corner, click Print. …
  6. Click OK or Print.

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