How to Build Results Focused Marketing Strategies?

According to smart insights, 46% of brands lack marketing strategy. A marketing strategy provides direction and ensures that you do not lose money on channels that won’t bring results. However, the lack of marketing strategy will lead to losing potential customers to your competitors.

Secondly, in result-oriented or profit-oriented marketing, strategy marketing is no longer cost centered but profit-centered. This calls for perception shift from the conventional method. After adopting this strategy, you can rest assured that significant profits will come your way.

Results Focused Marketing Strategies

Here are ways to help you create a marketing strategy that works. Let’s get started.


Define Your Target Market


The first step involves knowing people you will be marketing to. This helps you to focus your marketing efforts on a specific goal. As a result, you get a return on investment. Essentially, the purpose of content marketing strategy is to ensure your content reaches people who could benefit from it. This means, if you want results, you need to know your audience.


Develop Personas


One way of creating a buyer persona is to reach out to potential customers. Such involves categorizing your customers in demographics. You can conduct interviews to help you know them well. Find ways of offering incentives, such as providing free products for prospects. 

You should also consider the online behaviors and goals of customers when creating personas. Describe their income, age, likes, and occupation in detail. Putting more effort and time in developing buyer personas makes your marketing strategy more effective.


Research your Competitors


Here is another interesting tip. Consider checking who your competitors are targeting. Your competitors have their ways of acquiring customers. This is why you should be clever enough to do market research on competition. The point of analyzing your competitor is to find out what you can do better and not necessarily to copy their moves.


Decide Channels to Use


There is an array of marketing methods to reach your potential customers. You can either choose methods such as trade show displays or use contemporary techniques such as content and SEO marketing. 

You may want to use numerous channels like putting ads on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, among other social media sites. Email marketing is also an effective method that is usually underestimated.


Define Your Goals


Defining marketing goal ensure they are in line with your business goals. The goals also act as a metric for tracking your marketing strategy successes. They enable you to work toward a target and keep your marketing strategy focused.


Define Your Budget


You need to come up with a budget for all your marketing campaigns.  The cheapest form of marketing is a digital advertisement. You can take your marketing strategy a notch higher by hiring a digital marketing company. If your marketing strategy involves a digital marketing campaign, you will need a budget for running Google and Facebook ads.


Put ads on social media


After doing your research, you should explore social media advertisements. You can either choose Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Create an engaging ad that is ideal for your target audience. You must start small and scale up as you grow. 

A successful digital marketing campaign requires a good online reputation. Therefore you should interact with your followers on social media well. Do not forget email marketing. You can incorporate email marketing into your social media campaign.  


A marketing strategy is essential for business success. Even if you have a great product, you will not make any sales if no one is aware of it. You should utilize the strategies above to build a result-oriented marketing campaign. Rest assured that profits will come your way.

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