How to increase blog traffic with Facebook and Instagram?

Social media is an excellent forum which attracts the maximum traffic for your blogs. According to reports, over 70 percent traffic comes from these social media sites. But only posting your blogs on Facebook and Instagram would not let you fetch the maximum traffic. For acquiring success in this job you need a proper strategy and good content for your blogs from a content writing company.


  1. Utilize Facebook Groups:

You may not be able to utilize the Facebook pages to drive the maximum traffic to your blogs but you can fully make use of Facebook groups to attract a large amount of traffic to your blogs. The variety of Facebook pages leads you to promote your blogs in various ways in these groups. These Facebook groups have a provision which helps you to market your blogs and enables you to reach a wider audience. Just keep in mind about the rules and regulations of these groups before you start marketing your blogs. Try to post your blogs on relevant groups by searching each group with relevant keywords.

  1. Try to post blogs with limited text with an attractive title and graphic:

When you are sharing your posts and blogs on these Facebook pages and groups make sure you have a short introduction to the article which you are promoting in this social forum. Also, include a graphic and an exclusive title which will attract the attention of the audience. Try to use images which Facebook will directly post while promoting your blogs. These images give a visual impact and readily attracts more traffic to your posts. Write the text that is needed and can be scrolled down by the audience easily. Adding graphics always make your posts and blogs stand out among other posts in the audience feed. Just hire good content writing services to create crisp text and attract maximum traffic!


  1. Post your blogs a number of times:

You should keep sharing your posts and blogs as many times as you are able to do so! Not every time the same blogs are viewed by the audience. So you should make sure that maximum audiences get to view your posts and blogs. You may divide your blog into three parts- first post the intro to your blog, then you may post the main content of the blog and finally you post the conclusion of your blog. After few weeks you may post the follow up to your blogs posted before. You may also use images to post teasers of your blogs and attract maximum traffic to your blogs! These images would acquire maximum clicks from the audience. Hire E-book Copywriters to create high-quality blogs and posts!

  1. Use Calls to Action particularly:

Your main aim should be to get the maximum click on your posts on Instagram. You should instigate people to scroll down your post and make them take action on it. You should give major reasons to your audience to click on to your posts. Engage them enough to make them click on your blogs on Instagram! Create quality content by taking help from content writing agency.


For marketing your blogs in any social media platform you should always create a schedule. You should keep posting your blogs regularly according to this schedule. To get these scheduled content created you need to take help from a renowned content writing company.

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