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Jingling Traffic Software Free Download [English, V 4.0.2, V 4.0.4]

Jingling traffic software/bot is an auto traffic generator software/bot 라푼젤 한글자막. It generates hundreds and thousands of traffic to the targeted website/blog.

In jingling traffic generator you have to simply enter the site name and do some settings and you will be able to get a lot of traffic to your website Free download of Minecraft 0.13.0.


What Basically Jingling Traffic Software is download fs2004?

As I mentioned above it is a bot used for auto generation of traffic but there are some other things that you need to know Download the English-Korean translation.

Jingling Bot was first made in China. It is a small java app used to generate traffic to a particular site. First, it was available in Chinese version but now there is an alternate Jingling Traffic Software/Bot in English 용의자 x의 헌신. The English version is helpful for Pakistani, Indians and other peoples who understand English.


This software is not available for free but here at InfooCode I’m gonna share all of its versions for free without any survey Download OpenOffice Excel.

1: Jingling Traffic Software V 4.0.2 Free Download

Jingling Bot v 4.0.2 is in the Chinese language if it suits you download it for free from below link:

PASSWORD: 123456



2: Jingling Traffic Software V 4.0.4 Free Download

It’s the latest version of Jingling Bot and it’s also in Chinese language, Download Jingling 4.0.4 from below link:

3: Jingling Traffic Software English Free Download

Here is what most of the people waiting for blizzard StarCraft remaster. Download Jingling English Version from below Link:


Should I Use Jingling Traffic Bot or Not [Pros and Cons] 월페이퍼 무료?

Most of the people are confused whether to use jingling to get traffic or not ?

Make your decision by reading the pros and cons of jingling bot below root ca 인증서 다운로드.


It will drive thousands of traffic to your site and will surely increase your alexa rankings and will increase your authority in search engines like google and yahoo Download Windows 7 msvcr100.dll.

It is also beneficial if you are using PTP or CPM ads networks for learning. It will surely boost your earning in that case.


If you are using Google Adsense on your blog, then using jingling traffic software is very dangerous to use. It will surely cause your Adsense to be blocked because Google is very strict and don’t accept bot traffic or exchange traffic.

Wrapping It Up:

Hope so you will find jingling traffic bot/software of your choice from the above-shared versions. If you find any problems in downloads or using the software, feel free to contact us or ask your problem in the below comment box.

Try to leave your response, it help us to bring more cool stuff for you 🙂

Frequently Asked questions

Q1: How can I get more traffic to my website for free?

Ans: here are the ways.

  1. Get Traffic to Your Site for Free with Organic SEO.
  2. Get Traffic to Your Website for Free with Social Media.
  3. Get Free Traffic to Your Website with Emails & Newsletters.
  4. Generate Free Traffic with Influencer Marketing.

Q2: What is Traffic Bot?

Ans: Bot traffic is essentially non-human traffic to a website. Bot traffic is the result of software applications running automated tasks. … With this ability to perform repetitive tasks quickly, bots can be used for the good, and the bad. “Good” bots can, for example, check websites to ensure that all links work.


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