Best Fix “The Active Directory Domain Service is Currently Unavailable”

Are you getting constant messages about using some files and unable to print them then you need to check Best Fix “the active directory domain service is currently unavailable“? Here you will get to see all the latest information and solutions to your queries relevantly.


What is “the active directory domain service is currently unavailable’’ 엑셀 2007?

the active directory domain service is currently unavailable

When you are using and working with printers and documents, oftentimes there is an error occur when you get to the final printing of some documents. The main problem becomes more prevalent with using MS office when you send them to word or excel files. The moment you try and get a print out of any documents a message will pop up and say the active directory domain service is currently unavailable in excel that means it has not been attached completely and unable to detect ios8.3 베타3 다운로드. Therefore there is no need to process can be carried out any further.

While you are dealing with this problem, it does not mean that this error occurs using several applications from unknown sources and printer is not responding. You first need to check the cables are attached completely, In case you are wondering why this error is coming in MS office. The answer is quite simple the user permission does not allow the printer to listen or support MS office and also can’t detect as well sl-m2675fn 드라이버 다운로드. However, there are some steps you can do to fix this and get rid of this issue permanently to never bother you in future.

For those of you who really don’t know that how this problem can be found that keeps occurring in almost every big printer you have like, Canon, HP or any other. Many users say windows 8 and 10 are the most common ones to have this error. But there are some possibilities that the active directory domain services is currently unavailable windows 7 also occurs and facing the same issue to print any MS office documents 일러스트레이터 cc 2017. It does not mean your printer is broken or has issues but there is a user permission issue which is not allowing the printer to work properly.

  • Which are the Best fix “the active directory domain service is currently unavailable’’ methods you can choose?

There are various methods you can use to fix this problem. One thing which you need to understand it is not a major problem and you just go ahead and try installing new windows or replacing your printer 윈도우 8 한글 언어팩. But there are some steps you may want to follow and then decide what to do. Here are some exceptional steps you can go for including,

Use basic troubleshooting:

You can start with a basic troubleshooting to solve as a majority of all problems to solve this. If this does not work then you can move on to the next one. But there is a great chance that this will work.

  • First, go to windows search bar by typing Win button + W
  • Locate troubleshooting
  • Now in the right panel, you will get to see to a control panel menu
  • Click on it to view all and then select the printer from windows
  • Now follow the basic and simple troubleshooting steps
  • Your problem will get resolved most of the time

Check and update the printer driver:

Sometimes when the active directory domain services are currently unavailable remote shutdown problem appears mostly because of the outdated drivers or some issues in the driver Download the subtitles for Yestoday. It is a basic step, to begin with, and you can go for a driver scan. You can use this step and see how this really turns out to give you help and solve it.

Use the registry editor and giving permission:

While you make this move you are warned that it could result in getting your system affected 쇼미더머니7 6화. So it is highly advised that you take caution and use the following step as it is and never to change a thing and also to have a backup of your system.

  • First press Win + E and open its search bar
  • Enter regedit and click ok
  • When it is open then go to its left panel registry editor
  • There will be subkeys available for the devices and you need to get the permission to run and click on it and save it
  • From where you will use your active windows account and allow to access full control options
  • Just simple apply and save

Access permission using the working apps:

In case any above method is not working for the active directory domain services is currently unavailable word, for this, you can use and add the printer with the help of other apps so it should be working fine Download Minecraft TowerDefense. Here is the first example of notepad,

  • First close all the office components on the PC
  • Click on notepad
  • Go to file menu and select printer or use shortcut as CTRL + P
  • From there you will select the option to find the printer
  • After that simply go to the add printer and use network printer then you can easily select it for word office

Try to restart the print spooler service:

This is a very easy step and the method you can use as well to solve the issue of how to fix the active directory domain services is currently unavailable windows, here are the easy steps such as,

  • First, open RUN command and type service.msc and click ok
  • Now try to scroll down to locate print spooler and check it running or not
  • If not then select it as automatic and click right to open its properties
  • Start it serve once again and tick mark on never to stop it
  • Close the tab and try to print the documents from the printer

These are legal methods of Best fix “the active directory domain service is currently unavailable’’ you can pick and see how much they prove useful for you.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How do I fix Active Directory Domain Services is currently unavailable?

Ans: You must follow the steps fan xpert 3 다운로드.

  1. Select- Windows + key and then type – troubleshooting.
  2. Open- Control Panel and select- printers and head to Add new Printer.
  3. Click- Network Printer and search for Printer.
  4. Press- Windows +R from your keyboard.
  5. You will get a pop menu wherein type – services.msc corntv.

Q2: How do I make Active Directory domain services available?

Ans: You must do the following.

  1. Select Start > Administrative Tools > Server Manager.
  2. Server Manager appears. …
  3. The Add Roles Wizard appears. …
  4. The Select Server Roles screen appears.
  5. Select Active Directory Domain Services and click Next. …
  6. The Active Directory Domain Services informational screen appears.

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