Discord won’t Open: Best Fix

It seems that despite working well there are some people who have a lot of complaint about discord won’t open. So in this post, you will get the perfect solutions for Discord won’t Open Best Fix to your queries with complete details.


Discord Won’t Open 2018

There is much software who initially get millions of users day by day per month in a specific community. One of the most famous ones is gaming platforms where more and more people are joining to play online battles and enjoy with friends. But no matter how many attempts you make there will a point comes in your life that your web browser won’t respond well. It is not the mistake of having low budget PC or laptop but something even more complicated that no one seems to notice.

With the continuous growth in communities, this type of issue cannot be ignored after all you have to manage such a large number of users in one frame 킹오파 무겐. This specific issue is called Discord. Even when you open a certain app or website to access this error comes every single time and you can’t do anything. This can lead to great a problem that begins to give you problems. If you ‘’can’t open discord app’’ on your computer or mobile phones.

The reason here is simple if you love to game chat then you should try to have an app that works well and as PC gamers go, you need to take precautions to enjoy a free service that can manage all your messages, chat boxes and so much more.

What Exactly is Discord?

For many of you who don’t know that discord like a VoIP app service that is particularly used by everyone for chatting purposes 코스타. It is a windows app available for its users to access it via browsers. Oftentimes Windows Discord does not open, even if you double-click on it, they still do not give any response. The result you have to execute file and nothing appears on the screen.

Only plain backgrounds appear and most users have to reboot or install the windows to solve this issue. But this can be a time-consuming effort. For many gamers, it provides them the appealing service and also includes many other services to make convenient. So you won’t need to install any other apps on your phone.

It can help you make great storage space on your phones and makes easier to operate many tasks Download speednavi_gini. Discord has been considered quite popular among the masses to take facilitate this amazing length of features.

What benefits can you get using Discord services?

It was made assured that Discord is a free service that can give you core functions to give full liberty of using customizations, includes a sticker, emoji, themes, and different sounds packs. There are many ways you can get benefits from it because this app is unique in handling so many errors all at the same time.

  • Free voice chatting, It gives you 100% free communication services with no limitation and you can access it anytime you want.
  • Online play safely, sometimes encrypted servers come and blocked by IP address which this one gives you smooth and safe communication and also fix all the bugs running in the background Download Kakao Talk pc.
  • Always get connected with friends, all you need is to simply download this app on your smartphones and use it for AFK gaming to stay connected with your friends for a long time.
  • Enjoy template text chatting, discord is particularly designed to give text chat for the modern gamers. You can share videos, images, and share them from your desktop and transfer them directly to social media platforms in form of GIFs.
  • Enjoy voice channels, it has built-in voice chatting with state of the art technology and also has echo system to control voices, noise suppression, buffering, and so much more.

Are there any other things discord stuck on starting?

There are some other programs which discord is designed to work with that includes Skype, Ventrilo, Curse voice, Team Speak, and Mumble Powerstone. These are the features it can enable you to do. But either you are nongamer, or gamer, there are simply other tasks you need to perform its full accuracy. With the game performance, secure friendly environment, Alt + tab, and hassle-free setup.

Discord Won’t Open Top Four Fixes

Apparently, nobody is sure what are the causes of this issue about ‘’why won’t discord load’’ but there are possibilities that you can fix it. People who see grey screen does not mean you are trying too much to log in or get stuck in that process. The main thing here is that discord windows app does not show anything on screen even if you logged in.

So, the good news is that whether discord app is not opening or showing a blank screen 구글 미니 사전 다운로드. There are some possible solutions to fix this problem. You can certainly clear this by using these methods to solve it. Including,


It is an alternative method that some users can try. It can give you pretty solid safe and easy access to use this app. There are some steps you need to follow which are given below.

  • First, hold the windows key and press R button
  • Then type CMD and press enter button
  • Now type Task-kill /f/IM discord. Exe and press enter button
  • It will prelaunch the discord app

Try to log in using the web version

This problem sometimes can cause more issues like cookies and a lot of users have to fix them by signing from a web version. In fact, most users do not need to log in to the web version of discord. You can solve it directly opened the source of the web version. People are very eager to find the permanent solution for this one 윈도우7 usb dvd tool. But in reality, they all are temporary but enough to enhance your experience.

  • first, run the discord app on your desktop
  • if it does not and shows ‘’discord won’t open grey screen’’
  • run the web version and sign in
  • it can probably reset your account to discord app
  • now it will restart automatically

Task-kill using from task manager

This is perhaps the excellent method you can go for Discord won’t Open Best Fix, even if the app doesn’t show to start the app and usually runs only in backgrounds. You can locate the app and stop the process and solve it, pretty handy for millions of users to begin with. Here are some crucial steps to kill it from background,

  • first press and hold CTRL, ESC, and SHIFT button to open task manager
  • now select the process tab and scroll down to the list
  • you will find discord.exe
  • select it and click on end task button
  • once you are done close task manager and restart it, this time it will work fine

Note: this solution may work for one single discord error but some users who are having multiple discords you can repeat it the same above-mentioned process to clear all of them one by one.

Delete the App Data Content

If somehow any of the above-mentioned solutions do not work, then it is the time that you uninstall the discord app. however simply just uninstalling and reinstalling is not easy to solve this issue. Users have to delete all the precious data content that seems to work for them 안녕티라노. Once the contents are deleted then you can reinstall discord app completely from new root. Here are the complete steps you need to perform such as,

  • hold down windows key and press R button
  • now type appwix.cpl and then press Enter button
  • try to locate the discord app from the list by selecting discord app to confirm for any additional prompts
  • the message will appear to uninstall it choose 1 and done with it
  • after installing the discord app
  • hold down windows key and press R button
  • type %app data% and then enter
  • you will see a folder and press E button to view it from top
  • check for hidden items and locate the discord folder
  • right click and select delete button
  • once you are done reboot PC system

these are the best solution you can get for ‘’discord won’t open 2018’’ after all it is all about experiencing uninterrupted services that users want to enjoy both on their PC and mobile phones. This is the only app that allows its users to give full liberty of chatting within limits intact. It is currently available in more than 21 languages for, windows, IOS, Linux, Android, Mac and many more.

As the gamers community raises the problems of maintenance is also needed to manage where this app can do it perfectly.

Over To You:
I’m sure that at least one of the above solutions must help you solve your problem. But still, if any problem occurs you can ask in the comment box 프레임워크 4.0.
Do you know any other solution that worked for you?
Share your feedback in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked questions

Q1: How do I fix discord not opening?

Ans: You can do the following.

  1. Press and hold CTRL, SHIFT and Esc (CTRL + SHIFT + ESC). This should open the task manager.
  2. Select the Process tab.
  3. Scroll through the list and find the discord.exe.
  4. Select the discord.exe and click End Task

Q2: How do I stop discord from running in the background?

Ans: You must do the following Download minority comments.

  1. Go to the bottom right in your taskbar. …
  2. In the little pop-up window section you will see the icon for the Discord application. …
  3. There should be a checkmark next to “Run Discord when my computer starts”. …
  4. Double click your Discord shortcut icon to launch Discord.

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