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Top Best Android Apps Must to use for Free

Guys! we use smartphones and most of us have android phones as I guess so we can push the limit anywhere we want and Apps we use ahhhhh! I must be kidding you.  We have such a treasure of apps that can’t be counted at least by us. And the common thing is google play store is the treasurer. As in my previous articles, I have discussed some amazing website to visit on the web and some cool Google tricks you never Knew 합의이혼서류! Now its time to discuss some Viral Android Apps of this year. Here we have some Best Android Apps we must know about. these apps include games, camera deals, etc.


Prisma Gone Viral

One of the cool apps in camera deals. It has transformed every profile on social media like if it belongs to a cartoon hahaha. No offense though this app puts an effect on the picture, filtered in it, that looks like painted by Picasso or makes you wonder you were born in Picasso’s time or Picasso has reborn somewhere from the pyramids of Egypt Download illustration cs6.

Prisma Effect

Prisma Effect

amazed by this pic na 😉 you know what you just need is luck and an idea to become a billionaire. In reports, Prisma has made more than 3 billion so far. Prisma needs to thank social media sites as without the addiction of social sites to people Prisma would have been just a glass used in physics labs.

Pokemon Go

I think it’s one of the best android apps ever! This is a game on Android and iPhone that has brought chaos into the world for a few days after its launch. people seemed to be searching something here and there while looking at their phones Download netflix movies. the whole world was taken over by it.

Pokemon go

Catch Charmander

Actually, it is a game reflecting the famous 90’s cartoon Pokemon where you need to catch different characters of the cartoon and that is possible only when you stand in a certain location. You will be notified when a character is around in the catch.


Now switching to some useful apps rather than entertainment. So the first one we have is CloudMagic which is a service provider for people who have more than one email address and can’t remember all of their passwords 마인크래프트 봇테러기 다운로드. Though if you remember the passwords accessing each of them is quite time taking. so here we have cloud magic. When it comes to Best Android Apps we have Cloud Magic.



When you make an account in cloud magic, you log into all your email addresses through cloud magic and next time when you need to check your all e-mails even of a different e-mail address. You are then just needed to log in to cloud magic and there you are! access to every mail.. bingo!

Google drive suite

It is one of Google Best Android App, No matter wherever you are microsoft visual c++ 2005 redistributable 다운로드! inside a sponge made room or in a desert, you can have your phone broken, crashed and having your data lost.

Google drive suite is one of the best services that prevents your data from getting lost. You can have your files compressed and saved online in Google drive suite. Google drive first gives you  15 GB for free and then you need to buy more space. but Here is a trick that I want you to make use is make another google account as soon as your 15 Gb is utilized and you can utilize 15 GB of the new account concept reader. The same way you can make google bankrupt and destroyed making newer accounts. Bing! Microsoft! hire me, I’m jobless 🙁

google drive

Google Drive

Google Maps and Waze

This app is the owner of virtual maps online and it is more dynamic than just for maps. It tracks your location, lets you know how you can get to your location. lets you know of the nearby locations like of hotels, gas stations,etc.

You don’t need anything for traveling only if you have this app and eventually of course owner is google. Need a trick to swallow this of Google’s app? Forget it ..it’s Google, not Yahoo.

Google Now

ah!Google now Download levitated! Google was supposed to be a search engine where websites are indexed and you get to have access to them with relative interest But over the years Google emerged more than a search engine and now gives almost everything in the virtual world.

Google now is keeping you updated on the things that abide your interests. And you can google anything through the voice feature in google and you don’t need to open google separately and search what was needed but have a touch on the screen and have it searched.

Google is becoming like an unpaid servant. respect to Google.


You are in bad in socializing but still wanna hang out with people 최후의 시간여행 다운로드. Still wanna enjoy the world around you. Use a little data off your smartphone, install this app but wait! check first if it is available in your region. Another google fault bing! hire me 😀

This app lets you know of the business deals and coupons, an event around like concerts or public parties. It is all there in this apps.  All you need is to be under the region of this app’s accessibility. Not in the region, search for more. Google apps are not the last option 윈 맥스.

These were some of the apps that one must use for entertainment and services. Though the list continues almost to infinity. but though discover some of the useful apps yourself:

  • Nova launcher
  • LastPass
  • Pocket
  • Tasker

Last Words:

Have fun guys see you soon with something more extraordinary and tough to find. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and others so they can also get benefit from it 🙂

Frequently Asked questions

Q1: What are the best apps for 2018?

Ans: Here is the list.

  • Gallery Doctor – Photo Cleaner (free) …
  • Avast Antivirus & Security (free; with in-app purchases) …
  • LastPass Password Manager (free) …
  • Greenify (free) …
  • Clean Master (free) …
  • Tasker (£2.99) …
  • Opera Max (free) Supercharge your web browsing Dimento. …
  • WifiMapper (free) Advertisement.

Q2: What are the top 10 apps for Android?

Ans: Here is the list.

  • 1Weather. Price: Free / $1.99. …
  • Google Play Music, YouTube Music, and YouTube. Price: Free / $9.99-$14.99 per month. …
  • LastPass Password Manager. Price: Free / $12 per year. …
  • Pulse SMS or Android Messages. …
  • Solid Explorer. …
  • SwiftKey. …
  • Tasker and IFTTT.

You can use these apps for making convenience in life.

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