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How To Download/Save Tumblr Videos

It looks like you are searching for How to download/Save Tumblr Videos with the best available tool without internet? This post will certainly help you find all the relevant information and solutions to your queries.


How to Download/Save Tumblr Videos Efficiently

There are many social sharing video sites that offer to download their videos online such as, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and many more. But if there is one thing that most community is using is Tumblr which is also a video website but for some reason, no one hasn’t been able to download from it CounterStrike 2. Whether or not you have an active account on Tumblr and you may have seen many funny and entertaining videos time after time.

The main thing is that a lot of people are using smartphones these days, and this site is only accessed on phones and probably many of you thinking ‘’how to download Tumblr videos on android’’ and save them offline. It is a question which has been rising since the launch of this site back in 2007 and still not many of us get the freedom to know how to actually use it and get to watch videos with friends.

Why is Tumblr So Much Famous These Days Download titanic subtitles?

For many of who are not on Tumblr or haven’t heard much about it. Then let me give you a quick survey about it. It is a social networking website and free to use, it is available for almost every person from celebrities, teenagers, business people, and politicians. The power Tumblr brings to the active communities has taken many people by storm by getting latest videos across the globe and making easy to communicate to grow an audience.

It is great for those people who like to post short posts or status and also other multimedia posts specifically for mobile devices. In comparison to other social sites, Instagram and Twitter look very small in front it because now the modern users are increasing in numbers in usage ssms 64bit 다운로드.

Top Tumbler Video Downloader

It looks like a lot of people who uses it are finding the problem of downloading Tumblr videos on their devices offline or online. You don’t get worried I got you covered, below you are about to see some amazing ways to ‘’download Tumblr videos’’ in the easiest way possible. So let begin,

Use Tumblr video downloader


It is an online website that offers to download videos in MP3 or MP4 formats with complete freedom Download the game Guardian. You don’t need to sign up just visit and post ‘tumblr video URL’’ on the address bar and select format and the video will start downloading minutes.

Use Tube-Ninja

This is another online website that can provide you an easy way to download many videos possible from Tumblr. There are two ways you can use it, you need to copy the URL of the specific video and open ninja tube site, paste the URL and click on the download button.

The second one is to which many of you can use on your browser for ‘’download Tumblr video chromes’’ open the video in a new tab and write dl in front it and video will begin to download 솔리드 웍스 2014.

Use DreDwon Tumblr


It is probably one of the best online tools that offer a simple method to download the even lengthy videos. The main thing about it is that is you can save private videos and share with your friend. Just go to the site and navigate to the Tumblr site, choose the videos and copy URL and paste it on the DreDown page and click on the download DreDown button.

It will give you MP4 format HD videos right in your browser.

Social Video Downloader

If you want to know ‘’how to save videos from Tumblr app’’ then this is the app you can use and it has really good ratings from the audience You have to laugh and. It is easy to use for both IOS and Android. Just go to the Google play store, install the app and click on the play button to start downloading any video.

Also, you can also use to copy paste the video URL from the main site and download it. It is great for a person who likes to share non-political videos on daily basis.

Orbit Downloader

You can also use orbit downloader from your Google Chrome and install it just or videos of Tumblr. It gives you two ways to download both online and offline book form. Just go to the Tools menu and click on Grab+ button, play the desired video on Tumblr and grab it all the way to the grab+ address bar and click on the download button.

Video Keeper

video keeper

Video keeper is certainly the excellent solution to download Tumblr videos with intelligent detection and high speed for offline. It is can use for both Windows and Mac. It also supports other websites like daily motion, HULU, YouTube, Lynda, and many more. It also enables you to get ‘’Tumblr image downloader’’ free of cost Download editplus for free. You can easily convert videos to any format you want to watch anytime, anywhere.

This one supports user-friendly interface to grab videos online with great length quickly.

Video crawler for Tumblr

Video crawler is another great example of How to download/Save Tumblr Videos in any format you like. It is a paid tool which will cost you for $5 per video and process is so much simpler. Just copy video URL on it and click on the Fetch button Download WhaleY. The downloading will begin right away.

There you have it guys these are the best possible solutions you can go for in order to download Tumblr videos with the best way possible. You don’t need to fill any kind of online documentation just visit sites and enjoy both smartphones and windows.

They support all kinds of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox also save videos for your private collection to watch with friends any time you want.

Over To You:
Above are the some best ways using which you can download your favorite videos from Tumble Shining Force.
Do you know any other best source to do this task?
How can the above list be improved?
Give your feedback in the comment box!

Frequently Asked questions

Q1: How do you save videos from the Tumblr app?

Ans: The DoDa app will show you the option to save the Tumblr video. After downloading, tap on the hamburger menu icon on the top-left corner to open the navigation drawer, then select “Downloaded Video”. Tap on the “Share” button and select “Save Video” to save the downloaded video of your iPhone Camera Roll.

Q2: How can I download videos from Tumblr to my iPhone?

Ans: You must follow the steps.

  1. Open the Tumblr app.
  2. Log in using your Tumbler account.
  3. Scroll through your feed. …
  4. Tap on it and it will start downloading that selected post (be it a photo or video)
  5. The media file will be transferred directly to your Camera Roll

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