The Most Praised Android Keyboards

Speed and accuracy are one of the most critical indicators of an effective user interface design. The keyboard is the most important input type for all mobile devices. Low-quality services are quite common for Android devices. They reduce your productivity and cause stressful issues afreeca. This review is dedicated to the most convenient, fast, and customizable keyboards. For more mobile productivity tips, check out reviews on



GBoard may be called a golden standard for Android keyboards as is developed by the inventor of Android OS, Google. Unfortunately, the line of devices that have this keyboard out of the box is rather short, but you can install it for free on any smartphone or tablet running version 4.3 and later Download Eternal City.

Google gained worldwide fame for developing the most efficient search engine. A bit later, they produced the most powerful navigation tool called Google Maps and acquired YouTube to make it one of the most visited websites ever White Day Mobile.

All these services are integrated into the keyboard. If the currently running app allows you to type, you can search for web pages, videos, and specific locations without the need to switch between apps.

GBoard also provides you with a board for drawing emojis. If you don’t know how to call an emoji, draw it with your finger and get several variants instantly 피피티 템플릿 무료. Another creative option allows you to create finger-drawn GIF-animations and forward them in all types of messengers. recommends this app as the most powerful search option for those who exchange links frequently.


This keyboard is less focused on exchanging media, but more on quick texting features. It supports multiple swipe commands that make punctuation and text management much easier house party 다운로드. For example, you can swipe left to erase a word or swipe the Space button left and right to move the dash.

Predictive input of SwiftKey allows you not only to use the basic dictionary but also to save new words and phrases. When something is unfamiliar for the app, you can tap the word to add it to the offline dictionary instantly.

This app is also one of the best variants for fans of unlimited customization 종이의집 시즌2. It includes a massive library of downloadable skins. Some of them are color variations, while others offer different key shapes and themed overlays such as Christmas, Halloween, Superheroes, etc. Some of them are even animated.


At, we tested these 3 apps for typing speed that depends on the quality of predictive input, autocorrection, and gestures hrd-net 행정지원시스템 다운로드. Fleksy won the race twice, providing more typing accuracy and smarter automation.

It also allows you to choose one of 70 color schemes, customize the size of letters, and adjust the behaviour of every feature separately. If you worry about privacy, then Fleksy privacy policy will satisfy you. It is prohibited to save any personal data, such as phone numbers and passwords without your permission arcbrutile.

The Bottom Line

Each of these keyboards provides a specific approach to how a good keyboard should look like. Choose the one that has the correct slant for your everyday purposes and raises your mobile productivity. The less time you spend on the phone, the more you do during the day.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What is the best Android keyboard 2019 Download zip code db?

Ans: You cannot call a single keyboard best in 2019. But Flesky keyboard, HItap keyboard, Chrooma keyboard, and AI type keyboard are considered best among keyboard apps.

Q2: What is the most accurate Android keyboard?

Ans: Gboard is considered as the most accurate keyboard. It has voice typing, gesture typing, readability, and speed 신비 아파트 고스트 헌터. And it is the fastest keyboard app available.

Q3: Is swiftkey better than the Samsung keyboard?

Ans: Yes, Swiftkey is better than Samsung Keyboard because it has extra features that Samsung keyboard lack.

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