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Top 10 Ways to Speed Up Internet Connection

In today’s shifting technology, a fast and speedy internet has become a crucial and vital thing in everyone’s life. But sometimes, our precious time is wasted, due to the slow internet connection. And that is the reason many important tasks take a lot of time to get completed.
Are you also facing the same problem and are looking for a solution? If you are facing a slow internet speed on your Windows 7 or Windows 10, then these are some helpful methods to increase the speed of your internet connection. These methods I am describing below are not only for Windows devices but they will also work for your PS4. So, follow this guide and have a speedy internet connection 앵그리버드 더빙.

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Top 10 Ways how to speed up Internet Connection

These are 10 simple ways to speed up your Internet Connection.

Scanning of virus or Malware infection

virus and malware

If you are thinking of speeding up the Internet on Windows 10, then the first thing to do is to check your computer for viruses. Presence of viruses and other malware programs may be the reason of slow internet on your system. So, check your computer for malicious programs and if there are any harmful programs and applications found on your computer delete all of them. After doing this, you will realize that your internet speed has caught some speed.

Check your data plans


If there is no malicious program or application found on your computer, and you are still facing a slow internet on your computer chandelier mp3. Then the second thing is to check your data connection. You can check the speed of your internet connection very easily by going to sites like Speednet , and in this way, you can check your Internet speed. You have to check the speed which you get from these sites to the data plan of your sites. It the values matches, then Its OK. If the value differs then you should complain to your service provider.

Check your Modem or Router

Speed-Up-Internet-Connection by command prompt

Check your Modem or Router, which could be possibly the main cause of your slow internet connection. The simplest way to speed up internet connection Windows 7 is to check your modem or router device. If you find any error in the router or your Modem then change it sand premium. You should buy a router or Modem that provide you huge wireless range so your internet connections speed up. Make sure your Modem is well-suitable with your internet plans before buying a new one.

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Check for System Interference

Sometimes, your internet is slow because of the interference caused by Antivirus programs on any other program installed on your system. You can easily get rid of this problem, all you have to do is to switch off programs one by one and perform a speed test everytime you switch 0ff a program. Make sure to switch on the program after performing the speed test. You just have to switch off those programs that are creating issues for you. And in this way, you can speed up the Internet on your Windows 10 system 말죽거리잔혹사 다운로드.

Fixing of the WIFI signal

fix wifi signals

Using a wireless connection for the Internet is a wonderful experience but it could be problematic when it shows your error like Slow Internet etc. If your router is working fine and you are still having problems with your internet speed, then there must be some problem with wireless signal. You can easily solve this problem by tweaking or boosting your router. Put your router in a better place where the signals have better strength. Moreover, you can increase the range of your router by DIY tricks too.

Use command prompt

Many people have been asking is there any way to speed up Internet connection your cmd? The answer is “Yes”, you can do this, type the commands given below in command prompt and the problem is solved.

Follow these simple steps:

Step 1 Download microsoft toolkit 2.6.4.

Open the command prompt on your system, as Admin.

Step 2.

Now type this command Netshint top show global and press Enter.

Step 3.

Now type Netshinttp set chimney=enabled, hit Enter.

Step 4.

Now type  Netshinttcp set global autotuninglevel=normal and Press Enter.

Step 5.

Now type  Netshint set global congestionprovider=ctcp and Press enter.

After doing the above steps, close command prompt and check your Internet speed now, I am sure it will be increased.

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How To Speed Up Internet In Windows(Ping Command)

Another simple solution is the use of the Ping command Download Ragnarok Zero. You have to apply this command which will continuously ping your connection and your internet will speed up.

  • Open command prompt on your system, Run it as an Admin.
  • Type ipconfig in order to find the network configuration of your computer.
  • Now you can see the default gateway address of your network.
  • Now type ping – t, which is the default gateway address(ping -t (
  • Minimize command prompt and run you internet. When you browse, the internet continuously replies of ping connection in this way your internet speeds up.

Try a New DNS server

If your internet is slow, the problem may also be with your DNS Server Download the sacle sound track. A DNS server converts websites addresses into IP addresses, thus making it readable for computers. You can solve this problem by trying a new DNS server and restart your Network. You should give it a try because, in most of the cases, the problem is mainly due to DNS.

Change your Channel

If you are using the internet among many people and all of them are using the same channel, then this can be the reason for your slow internet. Switch your channel, and in this way, you can speed up your internet.
There are many applications available that will help you switch the Channel. WifiAnalyzer, WifiinfoView are some of the best applications which could be used for this purpose. It will choose the less crowded channel for you Go free.
If you are using a new router then reboot your router. It will automatically select a less crowded channel for you.

Use Powerline network adapters

power line netwrok adapter

You can turn your old Router into a brand new Wifi-Repeater to speed up internet on Windows 10. To convert your router into Wifi Repeater by using Powerline adapters. Powerline adapters will extend the reach of the wireless network. And in this, you can maximize the speed of your internet connection. You can also use these steps if you want to know how to speed up internet on android phone or other devices.

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So, these are the methods to speed up internet on Windows devices or Android devices. I am pretty much sure that these methods will help you out to increase your internet speed.

I have covered all the major aspects, but if you still have any question or problem you can freely ask in comments Brush.

Frequently asked questions.

Q1: How can I increase my Internet upload speed?

Ans: You need to follow the steps.

1. Check Your Router’s Firmware. Firmware gets updated every now and then. …

2. Update Drivers. Drivers can experience the same shortcomings as your router’s firmware. …

3.  Clean Everything. …

4. Check Your Connection. …

5. Use Zonal OCR. …

6. Update Old Tech

Q2: How can I speed up a slow WiFi?

Ans: The following are the ways to speed up wifi.

1. Position your router in the perfect spot. …

2. Keep it away from electronic devices 꼬리치는 남자 다운로드. …

3. Set it apart from wireless signals. …

4. Put your router in a beer can. …

5. Use a password. …

6. Set your router to reboot regularly. …

7. Switch channels. …

8. Get a signal booster.

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